Welcome to Ridgefield Hot Yoga! It is our goal to create a positive environment for everyone. 

When you come in~

  • Arrive at least 5 minutes before class so you have enough time to change, set up your mat and settle in

  • Take off your shoes in the lobby and leave your all belongings downstairs in the changing room, you can use our lockers and take the key to the class

  • SIGN IN, make sure the person in front desk has your name


During class~

  • Please, no talking in the hot room

  • No cell phones

  • No heavy perfumes

  • When you come late, enter the room quietly, make sure not to set up your mat right in front of students who arrived on time

  • No chewing gum

  • Don’t use glass water bottles to avoid the danger of breaking

  • Use the bathroom before class NOT during class

Please always be mindful of other students, we all want to have positive and good experience, together, we can make it happen!