Being a cardio-addict, and unable to balance, I never thought I’d have the patience for yoga until I walked into Bikram Yoga of Ridgefield one year ago. A friend convinced me that Bikram was more challenging than other yoga practices:  twenty-six postures and meditation in a heated room. Since I love a challenge, I went for it.

Physically some of the postures are difficult, and the room is warm, but the instructors control the heat, and they make sure that every student is comfortable enough to be able to challenge him/herself. Mentally, each Bikram class is punctuated with periods of meditation, improving focus and concentration.

After each ninety-minute session, I feel wonderful physically and am as close as I ever have been to peace of mind; however, there is also a huge spiritual benefit.

I recently returned from a trip to Ghana, where, despite widespread poverty, there is virtually no suicide or chronic depression. Everyone wore brightly-colored clothing, and many were dancing in the streets, especially in the poorest neighborhoods. When I asked my Ghanaian host how this was possible, he said, “Because we value family so much that no one goes hungry. If a family member is depressed, we sit with him/her until the depression lifts. We support each other one hundred percent.”

I have a great family, but the support I felt in Ghana was something I had never experienced before. I was not only welcomed; I was embraced.

This is the atmosphere at Maritza’s Johnson’s studio: Instructors and students work to better themselves but strive to support each other. Newcomers are embraced, and no one is judged.

Bikram Yoga of Ridgefield improves the body and mind, and, more importantly, elevates the spirit.

Nancy Gibson


FullSizeRenderBikram Yoga Ridgefield is a wonderful destination; It is so much more than a yoga studio.  It is a community where we all feel, no matter who we are, what we look like, what shape we are in (or not), welcome, inspired, supported and challenged to do our best and to be our best.   I have been practicing Bikram yoga now for 4 years and have been to several studios on my travels, including the HQ studio in Los Angeles.  I can honestly say, without exception, that Maritza’s studio is the best!  It is clean, the air and heating system is fantastic and it always smells fresh.  The instructors are all lovely and professional and the students — old and new, have all become dear friends. It truly is like a big extended family where we all want to come and experience the way our bodies and minds change, strengthen and transform.  It stays with you.  We love and welcome new students – come and join us!

Laura Schneck

Mother, Partner, Business Owner and Bikram Yoga Enthusiast, 4 years

“It’s been almost a year since I started at Bikram Yoga Ridgefield. I am feeling strong, firm, balanced and accomplished and it was a surprise to see that it got easier for me as the days went on.  I have reaffirmed a belief in myself to never say “I can not”.

” I now know that all I need in order to maintain a healthy body and mind is Bikram Yoga. When I started Bikram yoga it was on a challenge and today I still continue to challenge myself each day and I can’t wait to see where my journey takes me. Thank you to Bikram Yoga Ridgefield and all their T as TREMENDOUS instructors for their encouragement.”

“Namaste”    Antonio

FullSizeRenderI was an avid runner until my hips started giving me problems. Prior to running I did a cardio/weight regimen at the gym for many years. Staying in shape has always been important to me so I was very discouraged when an MRI revealed that I had bone chipping and cartilage tear in my right hip. It was highly likely that my left hip was weak in the same area. Any action that compressed my hip joints was painful and unsustainable. This weakness in my hips was also causing severe lower back pain. Every night around 5:30 (just as I needed to be getting dinner together for my 3 kids and husband) I experienced a burning sensation in my low back. It was crippling and I had to sit down every ten minutes while making dinner and getting the kids to bed. I needed to find pain relief and a completely new way to exercise. Everything I had done in the past was painful and would cause further damage. I was feeling very discouraged about the possibility of finding a workout that would be kind to my hips yet allow me to build muscle tone and get cardio benefits. A couple of months later someone suggested Bikram yoga as a solution to my workout dilemma. I had tried Vinyasa and was skeptical that yoga could be the complete workout that I was seeking. I knew after my first class that I had found the answer to my workout prayers!!! I became addicted very quickly. There is nothing else like the feeling of working your muscles, tendons and joints in the way that only Bikram yoga does. I love feeling like a “wrung out towel” after each class; “loose, comfortable,easy, flexible” – and very strong. My hip injury is not something that will repair itself without surgery, but Bikram yoga has healed it in a different way. After three years I can feel the muscles getting stronger while maintaining flexibility. And, the low back pain has disappeared!

I am so thankful that I ended up at Bikram Yoga Ridgefield for that first class. Maritza’s love for Bikram yoga is contagious and her light shines from Bikram Yoga Ridgefield through the studio and the wonderful instructors. Thank you, Bikram Yoga Ridgefield, for the role you have played in this beautiful journey.

Lisa Dundon